Quantitative Trader

NK Securities is a leading financial firm that leverages cutting edge technology and sophisticated algorithms to trade in the Indian markets. Founded in 2011,  we have gained invaluable experience in the field of Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading across different asset classes. 


We are seeking to recruit a Quantitative Trader to work out of our Gurgaon office. As a Quantitative Trader your responsibilities would include:

  • Explore trading ideas by analyzing market data for patterns

  • Designing, back test and implementing quantitative trading strategies 

  • Reviewing post trade statistics of the strategy and optimising strategy performance 

  • Deploying strategies on new asset classes and exchanges


The ideal requirements for our candidates are:

  • A bachelor's, master's, or PhD degree from a top college or university

  • Live Trading experience in a High frequency Trading firm, Hedge fund or Bank

  • Programming experience in C++ or C

  • Proficiency in using Python, R, or Matlab for statistical/data analysis of HFT tick data

Any of the following is a plus:

An understanding of TCP/IP and Ethernet

  • Knowledge of any other developing language including. Java, Python and shell scripts.

  • Familiarity with parallel programming models and parallel algorithms

  • Experience in HFT industry

  • Financial experience is not required but an interest in financial markets is a plus.

  • NK Securities offers compensation above industry standards for deserving candidates. We are a fast-growing organisation where there is no ceiling on the career trajectory of an individual. The startup style governance of the firm enables the newest employees to work with industry veterans. Outstanding performers are entitled to ESOPs. Our focus is on a premium quality of life and we encourage everyone in the firm to thrive in all aspects of their lives. 

Interested candidates are invited to send their updated resumes to contact@nksecurities.com

You can also reach us at +91-7760628951 for more details.


+91 7760628951

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